Our rider Dustin land and his 2015 national accounts!

  • Posted on April 30, 2015

    NATC Moto Trials National Rounds 1 and 2 Amarillo TX April 11-12 2015.

    The first two rounds of the national series started off in the Palo Duro
    Canyon just south of Amarillo TX. This was only about a 6 hour drive from my
    home and I was able to arrive Thursday evening and meet up with the
    LEWISPORT OSSA team for a nice Dinner before heading to the Trials site on
    Friday morning.

    Heading out early Friday morning to the event site had me wondering what we
    were going to be riding on as it was flat prairie for as far as the eye
    could see for the 45 min drive from the Motel to the site, until the last
    mile of the drive we dropped into a beautiful canyon that was a trials
    paradise. I couldn’t wait to get out on my OSSA 300 Factory and start
    getting used to the terrain.

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    The terrain here was quite different than I was used to, it was very loose
    and dry, making finding traction difficult unless you were on rocks, but the
    dirt in between the rocks would just crumble away, you could tell where
    anybody had rode because deep ruts were formed very quickly. After a few
    hours practice I was starting to figure it out. A smooth throttle hand and
    using a higher gear was the key to finding traction, just like riding in
    very slick conditions, the OSSA was perfect for this type of riding due to
    its smoothness and predictability from the fuel injection. I was feeling
    good and ready for the event the next day. The bike felt great and it was
    cleaned after practice, prepped and ready to go for round 1 the next

    Saturday was a great day, the sections were wide open and had a good flow to
    them, over a 8 mile loop. I was able to post a 12 point opening loop which
    included a 5 in section 6 were I spun in the loose dirt not getting a good
    drive for the step at the exit, but overall I was happy and knew that I
    could improve on my score.

    On my second loop I was able to cut my score to 9, having gotten thru
    section 6 this time around and clearing up a few other silly dabs from the
    previous attempt. My third loop was improved yet again to a 6 point loop. I
    was able to get in a good rhythm on my third loop and had a lot of
    confidence in my performance and the bike. Ending the day on 27 points for
    the win ahead of second place on 48 points was a great confidence builder
    for me and the team, My OSSA worked flawlessly all day and I couldn’t have
    been happier with the result.

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    Sunday was again another beautiful Texas day, and a great day for riding.
    The sections on Sunday were the same as the previous day with a few changes
    in split cards. The biggest change was section 2, and proved to be the most
    challenging for me for the day. It had a large angled step that I struggled
    to figure out the best way to ride it. I came back off this step on my first
    attempt for a 5, but was able to put in a solid ride for the rest of the
    loop for an 11 point opener. Arriving at section 2 the second loop I looked
    at the step for some time before attempting it. Hitting it from a different
    angle proved to have the same result for me as I came back off again for
    another 5. This really got me motivated and I was able to complete the rest
    of the loop clean posting a 5 point second loop. Loop 3 turned out to be my
    best ride of the weekend. Section 2 on my final attempt I gave it my all and
    hit the step hard in 2nd gear and I was up with a single prod, I was very
    pleased and was able to clean the rest of the loop with the 1 point. With a
    final score of 17 for the day I secured my second win by 17 points!

    It was a great weekend and I couldn’t ask for more from my OSSA and the
    LEWISPORT/OSSA team, the support in the pits was second to none, providing
    me with food and water, bike prep and maintenance along with the encouraging
    words keeping me going throughout the day! I am grateful; I couldn’t have
    posted such a great result without them. Thanks!

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