Dustins blog – NATC Moto Trials National Rounds 3 and 4, Sedan, KS – May 31 – Jun 1

  • Posted on June 23, 2014

    NATC Moto Trials National Rounds 3 and 4 Sedan KS May 31 Jun 1

    I arrived at the trials grounds near Sedan KS with the OSSA team on Thursday afternoon and what a difference in weather compared to the previous week in the Colorado mountains. It was hot and about 85% humidity, I knew that staying hydrated over the weekend was going to be a key ingredient to this event. I helped the OSSA team set up there fabulous pit, it is very impressive and gained a lot of attention with their professional presentation. I then headed out for some practice on the Kansas rocks. I felt very good and was comfortable on the terrain as this was my home state and I am familiar with the area. During the practice LewisportUSA was able to take some video footage and I think it will turn out great so keep an eye out for that soon.

    Saturday I set out and was putting in solid rides but was struggling to get in a good pace along with everyone else because the sections were set very close together which resulted in waiting in line to ride  every section, but this was unavoidable due to the lay of the land. Halfway through the first loop I suffered from a pretty bad crash on a nasty 6 foot drop off. I hit the ground before I knew what happened. I bent the front wheel pretty badly and was a bit stiff and shook up but was able to put together a string of clean rides to finish off the first loop with a good score. OSSA mechanic Bill Merritt quickly put a new front wheel on the bike and I headed out for the second loop. The second loop went very well and I was able to improve on my score by a couple points despite another incident where I caught a cutoff stump on the edge of the trail and it broke my left foot peg off. I headed straight into the OSSA tent and again Bill quickly put new pegs on the bike. I was able to get some water before finishing the 2nd loop which was needed as it was a very hot and fatiguing trial. Thanks again Bill! Thankfully my third loop was uneventful other than suffering from fatigue in the hot conditions, I noticed all the riders suffering from the conditions so I don’t feel my physical condition was a factor in my result. It was a pretty eventful day and I rode well. But I would not have had such a good result without the help of the OSSA Lewisport team keeping me going mechanically through what turned out to be a rough day for me. I was very pleased to end the day with a 2nd place finish, thanks to all who helped!

    Sunday was the best day for me of the four rounds of nationals, It was a day where everything went right, the bike felt great and I rode at my best level. The sections suited me well with a nice mix of technical areas and some large walls which I always enjoy and the OSSA flies up 6 foot steps like there is nothing there. I am happy to say I finished the day topping the podium with my first 1st place finish of the season and it felt great to be there with the OSSA. I sincerely Thank Adrian and Mandy Lewis and Bill Merritt for everything they did for me over the eventful 2 weeks we were together attending these events. They provided me with food, drinks, bike fuel, mechanical repairs and parts to keep me going. They are true professionals and I am grateful to be a part of the team! I now look forward to finishing off the Central Regional Trials Series picking back up in the fall.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my stories and keep your feet up!

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