Dustins blog – NATC Moto Trials – National Rounds 1 and 2, Texas Creek, CO – May 24-25

  • Posted on June 23, 2014

    NATC Moto Trials National Rounds 1 and 2 Texas Creek CO May 24-25.


    The first rounds of the national series started off in Colorado and I was able to arrive on Thursday afternoon to get a couple days practice in and to get used to the terrain before the event. I was very pleased with the OSSA’s fuel injection as it worked perfectly at the higher altitudes. Typically much time is spent with jetting changes and tuning on a normal carbureted motorcycle. With the OSSA, all that had to be done was turn up the idle a bit and we were off for some riding!

    The terrain there was very sandy and I never knew where the sand was deep and where it wasn’t. I struggled with this throughout the entire weekend and I feel my results suffered from me not being able to fully adapt to the terrain. I think more practice there definitely would have helped. Every day like clockwork between 3 and 4 in the afternoon we would have a heavy rain shower come through, this was nice on the practice days so that I could practice the wet and see how it changed the terrain in case we experienced rain during the event. Saturday I started the event off a little nervous which I expected with it being the season opener, I made some silly mistakes in the first half of my opening loop but soon calmed my nerves and started to put together better rides. My second loop went better and I was able to improve on my score but there was a rain shower moving in, so I rushed out on my third loop to try and get through the two hardest sections of the day before the rain hit, as they were going to be very slick and almost impossible if wet. I dropped some points while rushing to beat the rain but it paid off and I was able to keep my score consistent with the rest of the day and was happy to finish in a respectable 2nd place.

    Sunday I started off the day feeling a lot better and more confident in the altitude and unpredictable terrain. The sections Sunday were less daring and more technical and I enjoyed the sections a lot more. We had no rain and the temperatures were in the lower 60’s and it just made for a great day of riding in the mountains. I am happy to say that I was able to get in a nice rhythm and just enjoy a great day of riding on my OSSA TR300i. With 3 solid loops I was happy to finish in 2nd place in round 2. My OSSA worked flawlessly all weekend with no issues what so ever, I was happy with my riding over the weekend and the support in the Pits from OSSA USA and Lewisportusa was second to none, Thanks!

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